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The face behind Wild Rose Photography LLC. I'm a portrait photographer located in Northwest, Ohio. I'm a loud, quirky, messy human. 

I want to capture your natural interactions and your genuine laughs. I will make you do stupid stuff. I will force you to have fun with me and we will make art.



Natural tones. Fun movement. Artistic. Moody.

Maybe some blur. Maybe some grain. Trust me. 


What makes me unique


I have my Associates Degree of Applied Business in Advertising Art from The Modern in Kettering, Ohio. I paint, I draw, I take pictures. I have so much creativity inside me and I need to get it out so I don't explode.



If I'm not at a photoshoot, I'm being a mom. I have two small children. YIKES

And If you come to my studio, you may get to meet them. DOUBLE YIKES. (Just kidding they will actually melt your hearts and you'll want to keep them) Please know that everything I do, and any money I ever bring in, will go to Piper's snack addiction. 




If I'm not being a mom or at a photoshoot, I'm at a thrift store lol. I don't know what it is about walking around a thrift store with an iced coffee from Dunkin. It cures all anxiety. It takes me away from my phone. It makes me happy.

Could I have a problem? Maybe. Do I have cool pretty things? SO MANY.

I stumble over my words sometimes. I trip a lot because I'm clumsy. I cuss because I'm out of control. I will pet dogs when I should be taking photos. I'll yell at you if you ask me to edit you skinnier. If I send you your photos and you respond with "thanks", I'll think you hate them. 

I will NOT make you beautiful. I will show you how beautiful you already are 

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